Posted by Jeff on Feb 5th 2020

Which ball is the best ball for the Hot Shot?

We get many questions about which ball is best for the Hot Shot.

Although any standard size golf ball will work, we have put together a list for you to see what we have found.

  1. Polara Ultimate Straight. This ball is awesome. Due to its patented dimple pattern, the Ultimate Straight is just that. We have found using the Ultimate Straight produced a higher amount of Hole-in-One shots over the years that no other ball is close. The only issue is distance. The Ultimate Straight is generally about 20% shorter in distance. At cannon pressure of 120 psi, 300-320 yards is about the maximum distance obtained.
  2. Polara XD. Not much difference in accuracy from cannon but much further distances at same air pressure.
  3. Callaway Warbird. The Warbird is a good ball to use. Although more knuckle balls than the Polara it is a good ball and readily available, due to a popular ball sold at Costco and lost by many players so chances of a player having in bag are good. Speaking of Costco, the Kirkland ball has shown to be a good long distance ball but very inaccurate when shot from a cannon.

If you have a ball that you feel should be added to the list, let us know.