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Don't Think You Can Afford To Use a Tournament Consultant?
You Can't Afford NOT To Use a Golf Tournament Consultant!
Did you hire a wedding planner for your wedding? A tax consultant or CPA for taxes? A business consultant?

Then why not a tournament consultant? Our fees are so reasonable that you can't afford not to hire JVD Golf and Promotions for your next tournament.

When deciding whether to use a Tournament Consultant or not, you need to know some facts.

Events That Use GTAA Certified Consultants:
Raise More Money
Get bigger and more sponsors
Host bigger events with more golfers
Offer a more unique event
Have less stress
Stay on track
Give out better prizes
Get a better price and more services from the golf course
Raise more money with games and contests
Have bigger auctions
Enjoy knowing their event will be a successful one

Events That Don't Use Consultants:
Raise less money
Have more stress
Have less time to do the things they need to do
Have smaller events
Have fewer golfers
Pay to much for goods and services
Spend more time making less money

Did you Know ?
Most Charity Golf Outings make only a fraction of the money they could make because organizers are not trained in maximizing the potential of golf events. All JVD Golf Consultants are certified by the "Golf Tournament Association of America" and can help you realize your potential. From meeting with your committee to finding sponsors to getting you the best golfer gifts and swag bags in the business. Call us today!

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