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The Hot Shot Golf Ball Cannon™ by JVD Golf

Safely Launch Standard Golf Balls up to 350 yards. Use on a par 4 hole to reach the green in one.

A great fundraising contest that anyone can do. Offer participants to shoot their ball instead of hitting it with a club. Foursomes pay a contribution to the charity to participate, generating more revenue for the organization.

Each launcher is professionally built and tested before shipping.

Over 90% participation at most charity events.

Designed to be filled with compressed air. Portable air fill system sold separately.

The JVD Golf Hot Shot Professional System is Used by Golf Tournaments and Golf Tournament Professionals
Throughout the USA and Canada.

The Hot Shot Golf Ball Cannon™ is one of the most accurate golf ball launch devices on the market today. Claims from others say their device is the best. My opinion as well as other tournament professionals claim otherwise. The newest version of the Hot Shot Golf Ball Cannon™ has been rigorously field tested and has launched thousands of balls with no problems, failures or concerns.

Some of our clients have used competitor cannons and dart balls and have switched to using our cannons.
Why? Because we manufacture a superior product.

Want to know how far it can shoot?

Download and install the program TrajectoWare from our site or signup at www.trajectoware.com

Use the info below and add your altitude, temperature, wind speed and wind direction and get an approximate distance. Be sure to change  ball spin from default to zero. Our results are based on tempature of 80º F at 30 degree launch angle, zero wind speed, using a chronograph and TrajectoWare software.

The numbers below were obtained by live bench firing cannon at the listed air pressures 5 times each and obtaining the aveage ball speed at 14" from end of barrel. Cannon is two years old and has been used at many events and fired thousands of times. 

 All distances are approximate and not guaranteed. Actuall results may vary.

PSI Average Ball Speed MPH Average Ball Speed Feet Per Second Approximate Distance (yards)
60 134 196 222
80 160 235 277
90 176 258 307
100 187 275 326
110 201 296 348
          120(max) 207 305 358

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