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About Us

JVD Golf and Promotions has been a Golf Tournament Consulting company for over 10 years. In 2012 we decided to offer our clients a new and exciting game that we were shown at the PGA show in Orlando FL. Back then cannons available struggled to shoot golf balls 250 yards. We tried a few and they just didnt hold up to heavy use. I knew I could build a better one, so I did. After experimenting with different ideas we came up with the "Hot Shot Golf Ball Air Cannon™. 

Within 6 months we were providing them to companies and charities throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Our cannons have become the favorite and many own 4, 6 and as many as 12 cannons.  

We take pride in our cannons and want to be sure that every cannon performs at its best and can shoot over 3000 yards easily. 

Jeff Harrison, President

JVD Golf and Promotions